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All about Mama June’s Weight Loss Transformation

If you have been keeping up with entertainment news, you might have seen or heard of June Shannon’s, popularly known as Mama June, hot new look. Her weight loss was revealed on TV late last year as she debuted her new look to her fans and the rest of the world. It was reported that she lost an impressive 460 pounds over the course of a few months.  

Anyone who is on a weight loss journey can tell you of how hard it is to lose even a few pounds. Similarly, Mama June’s new look did not come by that easily. She had to go through the challenges involved in trying to lose weight such as having to put in a lot of effort towards working out and changes in diet among others. On top of that, Mama June Shannon had to go through a couple of surgical procedures before she got her new look. To adequately reflect on her journey, let’s go back to 2012 when she made her debut into entertainment.  

Together with her daughter Alana Thompson, Mama June starred in the popular TLC show Toddlers in Tiaras. The enormous TV impact that the duo had resulted in them being offered an opportunity to have their spin-off show known as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” The spin-off was subsequently on air for four years. 

The end of the show inspired the beginning of Mama June’s journey towards losing weight. She was also fresh out of a relationship with her now ex “Sugar Bear.” This presented her with the perfect opportunity to not only have a new beginning but also make a positive change in her life. Mama June has revealed in her recent interviews that she was able to lose 60 pounds through the help of a celebrity trainer. By the time her spin-off show had come to an end, Mama June had lost a considerable amount of weight and was down from a size 28 to 16.  

Up to that point, Mama June had done everything the natural way and had not turned to any invasive cosmetic surgeries for faster results. She was actually at a good place because everything was working out for her. However, come May 2016 Shannon had no option but to consider some of the weight loss surgical procedures that were available for her. Some of the challenges that she was facing as of that time pushed this decision.  

She resorted to going through a gastric sleeve procedure the same year. Unfortunately for her, this did not provide the permanent solution that she hoped to get. Despite her trainer’s efforts in trying to help her to lose more weight, Mama June would still undergo additional procedures aimed towards achieving weight loss.  

Later that year in August, Mama June was introduced to celebrity doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow known for their show “Botched.” The two were to help her figure out an effective way of getting rid of the excess skin which was a result of the drastic weight loss.  The removal of the extra skin barely marked an end to the procedures that she had to go through in 2016. She also went through a breast lift and a tummy tuck in November of the same year. In December, Mama June would go through other procedures that focused on her neck, chin, and arms.  

All of these procedures cost her a large chunk of money to cover the costs for the procedures she underwent. In an interview, Mama June stated that she alone had to pay for everything, which came to about $50,000. However, she expressed that she does not have any regrets about the money that she had to spend because she feels “very happy” with the results. She subsequently took a break from the public eye until March 2017. She made a TV comeback in her show “Mama June: From Not to Hot.” On the pilot episode, she took viewers through what it took for her to get her new look.  

After getting back on television, Mama June was spotted more often in public. People observed that she looked different than before and that she would mostly be in her workout gear. In addition, she began doing more interviews where she explained her life before and after surgery. In the interviews, she would also explain what kept her focused through her challenging journey.  

Another thing that Mama June wanted to clarify is the fact that although her breakup with Sugar Baer served as motivation for her weight loss, she does not care about what he thinks of her post-weight loss look. She also acknowledged that despite the difficulties involved, she intends to put effort towards maintaining her current weight. Mama June stated that this would be important for her as she does not wish to go under the knife again.

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