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Career Direction From Storyteller To Storydoer

Do you wish you had a crystal ball to see your future career direction? Do you wish someone will tell you what path to take? It really won’t help you. The past can help you to understand and articulate your story to date, and having excellent eyesight and insight can …

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The 20-Point Job Search Game Plan

Autumn is football season and as I listen to the TV analysts handicapping each game two words are ubiquitous in their conversation when they discuss what it takes for each of the two teams to win. These words are ‘Game Plan’. In football, more than in any other sport, regardless …

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How to Improve Communication Skills at Work

Communication is without the doubt one of the most important business skills, no matter what industry you are in. As a Sr. Recruiter and Interview Coach, I have seen many candidates, often strong technically, fail interviews as their communication skills weren’t strong enough. Most of us process huge numbers of …

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Networking Tips: Sincerity Overcomes Skepticism

After my last post titled “How to Network for a Job: Give Before You Get“, I had a great email from someone asking for additional networking tips… “How do I make sure I am not the slimy guy who’s just helping people to get favours? How do I make sure …

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Effective Leaders Go First

The action of going first is to take a leap of faith. It is putting yourself out there. Making yourself vulnerable. Taking a calculated risk. Going first is summoning up the courage to step outside your comfort zone and try something new. This means putting your inner fears aside. It …

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