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CBD Oil Buyers Guide – How and Where to Buy CBD Oil Online

With so many websites available to buy CBD oil from, it is easy to get overwhelmed in looking for the best choice. However, you do not need to look further as New Labs CBD is committed to providing you lab tested and pure grade CBD products. All the products from our company will support the health of children, adults, and pets.

At New Labs CBD, we strive to ensure that our customers get the greatest satisfaction in our products. Before purchasing any of our products, we believe it is up to us to provide you with clear and concise information for each product. By doing so, our clients can make a sound decision, allowing them to select the supplement that they are most comfortable with.

The below guide aims at explaining all the things you need to know about our Hemp/CBD oil. This will help you in deciding the best product for your needs.

What You Need to Know About CBD oil

You do not need a prescription to purchase CBD oil. This is a supplement proven to improve your general health.

Our product does not contain any psychoactive elements. This means that you will never get high when you take any of our CBD products.

CBD products are legal in the USA and other countries across the world. This means you can buy cbd oil products from New Labs CBD online without breaking any laws.

Who Can Take CBD?

Any cannabidiol that is ingested, including CBD, is considered a food supplement. Similar to taking a vitamin supplement, it is always recommended for you to consult a doctor before you make a change, especially if you are taking any other medication. Remember, our main role is to provide you with a supplement that improves the general wellness. However, we are not doctors so we cannot diagnose specific ailments nor can we guarantee a cure-all. Additionally, since there is no conclusive research showing the impact of CBD oil to infants, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should not take this product.

Types of CBD Products and Dosage 

You can consume CBD through a variety of ways, including:

  • Raw Hemp Oil: This natural oil is extracted from the plant directly. It forms the base for any other CBD or cannabidiol product. While there are many methods used in the extraction of this oil, we recommend the CO2 extracted oil, as the process doesn’t leave any chemical residues.
  • Raw – Green CBD:This is the closest you can get to getting hemp oil that is completely natural. This oil contains plant terpenes, cannabidiol, and plant matter. The product looks like a thick paste. Because of its potent properties, a very low dose is recommended – starting with a 1-2 grain size of rice serving daily.
  • Decarboxylated – Blue CBD: Decarb is another way of saying heated. The raw paste is heated so that some of the plant matter can be filtered. This makes the CBD even stronger. The product is often found in paste form although it has a lighter color and finer texture.
  • Filtered – Gold colored CBD: After processing of the CBD, you are left with the filtered CBD. The processing will filter all the plant matter leaving the strongest cannabidiol concentration. The product often has the gel texture and has a gold color.
  • Tinctures: Tinctures simply mean more palatable decarboxylated or raw CBD oil. To make them taste better, the raw or decarboxylated oil are added to carrier oil and emulsified. The product is also packaged in a spray or dropper bottle to make it easy to apply. Sometimes the product may also contain sweeteners making it a great choice for individuals who do not like the hemp flavor. Some of the flavors added to mask the hemp flavor include cinnamon, spearmint, maple, and vanilla.
  • Edibles: Similar to tinctures, the base ingredients for edibles are decarb or raw.  The edibles come in a variety of forms such as gummies, candy, coffee, or even tea. CBD edibles are a fun way to get the cannabidiol into the body without any undesirable flavors.
  • CBD E-Liquid: This is another way that you can take the cannabidiol through the pulmonary versus digestive (through the lungs). There is a lot of research that shows that this method allows the cannabinoids to start working faster, delivering effective results in a short period.  Similar to other products they will also start as a raw oil. Thereafter, carrier oil and flavoring is added. They are also heated to produce a vapor that you can inhale.
  • Topicals: As mentioned in previous articles, CBD oils do a great job in maintaining healthy skin. While you can apply the raw oil directly to your skin, there are topical products such as lotions that make the oil easier to apply. The added compounds in topicals will help the CBD to soak in more quickly and often have a pleasant smell.

CBD for Pets 

CBD oil is not only great for human health, but also for pets too. CBD oils can help treat stress, pain, and anxiety, among other symptoms in pets.

CBD Brands

While there are various brands on the market, we only offer products that we have tried and found effective.  Before selecting any product, we also ensure that it is tested by a third-party lab to determine the amount of cannabidiol in each product. This means that you can be sure when you buy cbd oil from us, that it is of the highest quality and standards. Other favorite brands in the market include Tasty Hemp Oil, The Fay Farm, Charlotte’s Web, Pure Ratios, Endoca, Plus CBD Oil, Bio CBD+, and US Hemp Wholesale.

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