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Everything You Need To Know About CBD Oil

What Is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is among the numerous compounds found in the cannabis plant.

Our body has a system known as ECS (Endocannabinoid System). This natural system maintains balance in the body. The ECS contains two receptors- CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are present in the peripheral and central nervous system while CB2 receptors are found in the digestive system, immune system, and brain. CBD binds to these two receptors. This creates changes and leads to various effects in the body.

CBD is extracted from the cannabis plant. A carrier oil like hemp seed oil or coconut oil is used to dilute it. CBD comes in various forms. This includes:

Raw Hemp Oil- This is natural oil that is directly extracted from the plant.

Raw-Green CBD- This oil has cannabidiol, terpenes and plant matter. It is very potent. Because of this, one has to take a low dosage.

Decarboxylated-Blue CBD- This results from heating the raw paste. When heated, the plant matter is filtered. This makes the CBD stronger. Even though it is in form of a paste, it still has a fine texture and lighter color.

Filtered-gold Colored CBD- This results after filtering CBD. The processing filters all plant matter resulting in a strong cannabidiol concentration. This product usually has the gel texture and has a gold color.

Tinctures- This is a more palatable raw or decarboxylated CBD. The product comes in form of droppers or sprays bottles to make application easier. The product also contains sweeteners. This makes it a great alternative for people who dislike the flavor of hemp. Some of the flavors used include spearmint, cinnamon, vanilla, and maple.

Edibles- These are similar to tinctures. The base ingredient is raw or decarboxylated CBD. They come in a variety of forms. For example CBD gummies, coffee, tea, and candy.

CBD E-Liquid- Individuals take this through the lungs as opposed to the digestive system. This method allows the cannabinoids to start working immediately in the body. It thus delivers effective results in the shortest time possible. Just like the other products, they also start as a raw oil.

Topicals- One can apply the raw oil directly to the skin. They come in topical products such as CBD creams. This makes it easier to apply. They are commonly used for arthritis and other autoimmune disorders.

Transdermal patches- This is a convenient way to get CBD into one’s body.

Vape pens- These pens are the same size as an ink pen. They have a CBD cartridge with a heating element. Vape pens are a discrete way of getting CBD into the body. One is able to pull it out of their pocket and use it whenever they want.

What Is CBD Good For?

1. It relieves pain

Studies have shown that CBD has pain-relieving effects. The ECS regulates various activities in the body including appetite, sleep, and immune system response. CBD helps to reduce pain by impacting the ECS receptor activity. This reduces inflammation.

Studies have also shown that combining CBD with THC can treat pain related to arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Sativex. for example, is an oral spray made from a combination of CBD and THC. The spray treats pain related to multiple sclerosis.

2. It reduces anxiety and depression

These two mental health disorders have a negative impact on the health and well being of individuals. CBD acts on the brains receptor called serotonin. This is a neurotransmitter that regulates the mood and behavior of individuals.

3. It decreases cancer-related symptoms

CBD reduces symptoms and side effects relating to cancer treatment. This includes pain, nausea, and vomiting. Administering a combination of THC and CBD via a mouth spray reduces chemotherapy-related nausea and vomiting.

CBD can also inhibit the spread of cancer cells. It helps to prevent prostate, brain, lung, colon and breast cancer.

4. It reduces acne

Approximately 10% of the population suffers from acne. Some causes of acne include bacteria, genetics, inflammation, and overproduction of sebum. The anti-inflammatory property of CBD makes it possible for it to treat acne. CBD also reduces the production of sebum in the body.

5. It has neuroprotective properties

Due to its ability to act on the ECS as well as other brain signaling systems, CBD helps to combat neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. CBD reduces seizures in epileptic patients and improves the quality of life of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Moreover, it prevents neuro-degeneration caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

6. Improves the health of the heart

CBD lowers blood pressure. This positively impacts the health of the heart. The antioxidant property of CBD also reduces oxidative stress thus preventing heart damage.

7. Treats drug addictions

It helps to treat drug addictions such as opioids. Opioids are usually given to reduce severe pain. Even though the drug is effective, it leads to addiction. Many CBD oil review has shown that the oil helps to cure the addiction.

What Are the Side Effects Of CBD?

Side effects of this compound include tiredness, change in appetite, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, drowsiness and dizziness.

CBD can also interact with medications. Individuals who are using other drugs should consult their doctors before consuming CBD. This will prevent any adverse effects from occurring.

Does CBD Help Anxiety?

Numerous studies show that CBD has a positive impact on people suffering from anxiety. CBD reduces social anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). GAD refers to the anxiety characterized by irrational fear and excessive worrying.

Drugs such as Benzos are often prescribed to treat anxiety. But these drugs don’t offer any long-term solution. For this reason, a lot of people use CBD oil for anxiety as it works naturally with the ECS in one’s body.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

Generally, CBD is safe to use. The thing that can pose danger is the content of the whole product. One should look at the contents and find out the details of the CBD extraction.

A Drop of CBD Oil

What is The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Hemp oil and CBD oil differ in the way they are extracted.

CBD oil is extracted from the leaves, buds, and stalks of the hemp plant. Hemp oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the plant seeds. Seeds don’t have a lot of CBD. For this reason, hemp oil contains a small amount of CBD. Even though hemp oil is low in CBD compound, it is very high in omega-3-fatty acids and omega-6-fatty acids.


Both Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and CBD are cannabinoids that occur in the Cannabis plant. These cannabinoids interact with cannabinoid receptors found in the human brain and body.

THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that causes a sensation of being high. It has the same chemical formula as CBD, but the atoms are in different arrangements. It is this slight variance that causes THC to have psychoactive effects.

CBD, unlike THC, is not psychoactive. This makes CBD a great alternative for people who don’t want to deal with the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

THC works by mimicking 2-AG and anandamide effects in the body. These neurotransmitters are produced naturally in the body and they help to modulate eating and sleeping habits. They are also beneficial in perceiving pain. THC causes relaxation, reduces aggression, and alters senses of hearing, sight, and smell.

THC has several benefits. These include reducing side effects of chemotherapy and lessen tremors in people who have a spinal injury. THC also reduces chronic pain, inflammation, and digestive problems. CBD, on the other hand, helps to reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, nausea, schizophrenia, substance abuse, and heart disease.

CBD is better for neuropathic pain and inflammation while THC is better for cramp-related pain and spasticity. A lot of people speculate that combining CBD and THC is the best way to reduce pain. This results to entourage effect. Entourage effect is a phenomenon in which the cannabis compounds work together to create a desirable effect in the body. Individuals often argue that consuming the plant in whole provides all the cofactors that aids in proper absorption.

Since different people react differently to these compounds, mixing them is a matter of personal preference. Some people may have great relief from combining CBD and THC, while others may benefit more from CBD only.

Where To Buy CBD Oil

CBD can be purchased in stores and online. There are numerous websites that sell CBD. The most common brands are FabCBD, New Labs CBD, The Fay Farm, Tasty Hemp Oil, Pre Ratios, Endoca, and Bio CBD+.

Most sellers don’t require an individual to have a doctor’s prescription. But, this varies depending on the laws of the state one is living in.

Bottom Line

CBD has become an essential ingredient in dietary supplements and medicines. This compound treats various illnesses including anxiety and drug addictions. More research is needed to establish the full potential of CBD when it comes to fighting various illnesses in the body. But, all in all, CBD is safe to use. It offers a natural solution to various illnesses and drug addictions without resulting in any psychoactive effects.


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