Healing Power of CBD Capsules 

CBD capsule

Among the many compounds found in the cannabis plant is cannabidiol. It is highly becoming popular because of its promising features. According to researchers’ results, CBD capsules have gained their popularity due to their non-psychoactive property, unlike THC. This outstanding feature is making its preference to THC high. I will be able to describe some of the best CBD capsules in the market today in this content. What is the difference between CBD oil and capsules? The main difference between the two is only the user consumption method. Capsules have highest bio-absorption capability producing quicker results than oil. CBD oil needs to be mixed with beverages in order to reduce a bitter taste while capsules can only be gulped with water. Users need a method that is more convenient to them in any place, accurate use and the most effective. CBD capsules satisfy the user preferences and that is the reason why many have chosen to use the capsules. Below are the five types that could give you the best experience: 



Elixinol is a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract that offers maximum benefits to users. Its process of extraction is done carefully by use of naturally existing CO2 to produce the best quality CBD possible. A mixture of terpenes, essential oils and cannabinoids are used to prepare Elixinol maximizing its health benefits. Though its price is a bit high, it has a high rating of five stars as analyzed from customer ratings from different selling platforms. One of the features contributing to these amazing high ratings is the non-psychoactive effect and good taste. Elixinol capsules are organically produced from a perfect blend of hemp oil and MCT oil. I would advise using their official website to get instructions on how to use them and even where to get them. There might also be discounts and other benefits from their official selling platforms. 

CBD capsules Pure Kana Capsules 


With a very minimum THC content, estimated to be 0.05%, Pure Kana sells a bottle that has 30 CBD capsules which contain 25Mg of CBD each. They are non-GMO and are organically certified. They contain no solvents, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This is assured through third-party laboratory testing. Though they are a bit pricey, they are also highly effective, easy and safe to use. Pure Kana Capsules contain the following compounds: Glycerin, Gelatin, Hemp seed oil, Hemp extract, and Purified water 

 Green Roads World Capsules 


This is one of the best companies that sell CBD capsules in two different ways; which are a bottle and bag. The bottle contains fourteen capsules while the bag contains four capsules. Though they are packed differently, the ingredients are the same which are: Vegetable cellulose, CBD hemp oil, and Safflower oil. The purpose of different packing is for affordability. The bag is more affordable than the bottle. This product has slower effects compared to others but they are of the best quality and can be used for a long time. This product is highly potent and made from high quality CBD. 

 CBD Essence Capsules 


They are made from hemp plants organically grown in different farms in the USA following carefully handled agricultural methods to avoid impurities that could lead to poor results. Like most companies, this company also uses CO2 in the extraction of high-quality CBD. In an assurance to provide the best results, it contains full spectrum cannabinoids. According to several reviews in the company selling platform, it offers the best results as commented by users who have used them and get a positive feedback to improve the product. Surely, it is so. 

 CBD FX Capsules 


This is another company that uses extraction of CO2 to get the best quality CBD. They are extracted from hemp plants that are organically grown for industrial purposes. They offer full benefits to users as it contains full spectrum CBD oil. These capsules have an added advantage to the body immune system apart from pain relief and cancer treatment. They offer immediate positive results as they are highly potent. It is a good experience with CBD FX capsules. Thanks to the company. In conclusion, CBD capsules have been positively commented by customers and users in different platforms due to the positive results they offer. They have been proven to relieve pain, stress and body inflammations to extremely none. I advise users, therefore, to visit official sites for those companies and get quality service and attention.

CBD Oil Buyers Guide – How and Where to Buy CBD Oil Online

With so many websites available to buy CBD oil from, it is easy to get overwhelmed in looking for the best choice. However, you do not need to look further as New Labs CBD is committed to providing you lab tested and pure grade CBD products. All the products from our company will support the health of children, adults, and pets.  

At New Labs CBD, we strive to ensure that our customers get the greatest satisfaction in our products. Before purchasing any of our products, we believe it is up to us to provide you with clear and concise information for each product. By doing so, our clients can make a sound decision, allowing them to select the supplement that they are most comfortable with.  

The below guide aims at explaining all the things you need to know about our Hemp/CBD oil. This will help you in deciding the best product for your needs.  

What You Need to Know About CBD oil 

You do not need a prescription to purchase CBD oil. This is a supplement proven to improve your general health.  

Our product does not contain any psychoactive elements. This means that you will never get high when you take any of our CBD products. 

CBD products are legal in the USA and other countries across the world. This means you can buy cbd oil products from New Labs CBD online without breaking any laws. 

Who Can Take CBD? 

Any cannabidiol that is ingested, including CBD, is considered a food supplement. Similar to taking a vitamin supplement, it is always recommended for you to consult a doctor before you make a change, especially if you are taking any other medication. Remember, our main role is to provide you with a supplement that improves the general wellness. However, we are not doctors so we cannot diagnose specific ailments nor can we guarantee a cure-all. Additionally, since there is no conclusive research showing the impact of CBD oil to infants, breastfeeding and pregnant mothers should not take this product.

Types of CBD Products and Dosage 

You can consume CBD through a variety of ways, including:

  • Raw Hemp Oil: This natural oil is extracted from the plant directly. It forms the base for any other CBD or cannabidiol product. While there are many methods used in the extraction of this oil, we recommend the CO2 extracted oil, as the process doesn’t leave any chemical residues.  
  • Raw – Green CBD: This is the closest you can get to getting hemp oil that is completely natural. This oil contains plant terpenes, cannabidiol, and plant matter. The product looks like a thick paste. Because of its potent properties, a very low dose is recommended – starting with a 1-2 grain size of rice serving daily. 
  • Decarboxylated – Blue CBD: Decarb is another way of saying heated. The raw paste is heated so that some of the plant matter can be filtered. This makes the CBD even stronger. The product is often found in paste form although it has a lighter color and finer texture. 
  • Filtered – Gold colored CBD: After processing of the CBD, you are left with the filtered CBD. The processing will filter all the plant matter leaving the strongest cannabidiol concentration. The product often has the gel texture and has a gold color. 
  • Tinctures: Tinctures simply mean more palatable decarboxylated or raw CBD oil.  To make them taste better, the raw or decarboxylated oil are added to carrier oil and emulsified. The product is also packaged in a spray or dropper bottle to make it easy to apply. Sometimes the product may also contain sweeteners making it a great choice for individuals who do not like the hemp flavor.  Some of the flavors added to mask the hemp flavor include cinnamon, spearmint, maple, and vanilla.  
  • Edibles: Similar to tinctures, the base ingredients for edibles are decarb or raw.  The edibles come in a variety of forms such as gummies, candy, coffee, or even tea. CBD edibles are a fun way to get the cannabidiol into the body without any undesirable flavors.  
  • CBD E-Liquid: This is another way that you can take the cannabidiol through the pulmonary versus digestive (through the lungs). There is a lot of research that shows that this method allows the cannabinoids to start working faster, delivering effective results in a short period.  Similar to other products they will also start as a raw oil. Thereafter, carrier oil and flavoring is added. They are also heated to produce a vapor that you can inhale.  
  • Topicals: As mentioned in previous articles, CBD oils do a great job in maintaining healthy skin. While you can apply the raw oil directly to your skin, there are topical products such as lotions that make the oil easier to apply. The added compounds in topicals will help the CBD to soak in more quickly and often have a pleasant smell.  

CBD for Pets  

CBD oil is not only great for human health, but also for pets too.  CBD oils can help treat stress, pain, and anxiety, among other symptoms in pets.  

CBD Brands 

While there are various brands on the market, we only offer products that we have tried and found effective.  Before selecting any product, we also ensure that it is tested by a third-party lab to determine the amount of cannabidiol in each product. This means that you can be sure when you buy cbd oil from us, that it is of the highest quality and standards. Other favorite brands in the market include Tasty Hemp Oil, The Fay Farm, Charlotte’s Web, Pure Ratios, Endoca, Plus CBD Oil, Bio CBD+, and US Hemp Wholesale.

Best Detox Tea Review for Efficiency and Health Benefits

When it gets to the case of achieving a healthy body weight, it is important to keep certain things in mind, which involves what we eat and do. 310 detox tea is a product that has been manufactured to help in body weight control. The ingredients used in the manufacture of 310 detox teas are natural ingredients such as the leaves of green tea, Oolong Wu Yi tea, stevia, Damiana, Mate, Rooibos, the stems of birch and rooibos, the roots of ginger, the seeds of Guarana, the flower of corn, and the honey powder. These ingredients have made it very effective especially when it gets to the treatment of constipation and bloating. The 310-detox teas, does this by improving immensely the rate of digestion and metabolism in the body. The ingredients supplements in this detox tea, takes care of the overall well-being and glowing of the body. 

The 310 detox tea is a product of 310 nutrition. The 310 nutrition is a company that has over the years been recognized for its focus on the extraction of natural food supplements that are healthy and free from side effects. 

The Best Detox Tea Reviews 

A lot of people who have used this product have given a very good review of the product. It is the best detox teas among its counterparts because it is very health friendly and does not contain any laxatives that can cause inconveniences just like other teas that offer slim down goal. It may interest you to know that the manufacturers offer the money back guarantee in case you do not get the results you expected from the 310 detox tea. That is a lot of confidence from the manufacturer’s side. 

What to expect from the pack 

In this best detox tea reviews, the pack when opened contains 28 teabags that have the shape of a pyramid. The tea is easy to use as the direction inside states that the teabags should steep for 5 to 10 minutes and then enjoy the wholesome quality. It is advised that the 310 teas be taken in the morning or afternoon times as it contains caffeine. It is equally great when used before a workout. Detox tea weight loss is a great which provides a visible result in short time. 

The Taste of the 310 Detox Tea 

This tea tastes really nice, with a very good flavor. It has a smooth sweet taste. Everything thing about the taste is just perfect. The taste is just on a balanced scale, more like a green tea that has been sweetened. The taste is for everyone. 

The Functions of the Ingredients 

The great ingredients found in the 310 best detox tea work together to make the powerful product. These ingredients have the following functions. 

The Green Tea Leaf: this helps in the weight loss aspect, which is ensured by its ability to increase the rate of metabolism in the body. It equally contains caffeine to boost your energy level. 

Oolong Wu Yi leaf: This is a tea leaf that reduces your appetite level and speeds up fat oxidation for weight loss. 

Mate leaf: This bag health benefits such as the stimulation of the nervous system, stabilizing the cholesterol level. 

The Rooibos: An organic ingredient with natural flavor that helps to improve your experience with the product. It gives good taste and promotes healthy sleep and relaxation, with a soothing effect. 

The Ginger Root: Promotes the oxidation of fats, helping in weight reduction. 

Damiana leaf: This ingredient promotes both mental and physical health to keep you active always. It equally helps you to battle depression effects. 

Stevia leaf: The sweet taste of the 310 detox tea is the result of this ingredient. It provides preventive measures for some cancerous effects and other benefits from this ingredient. 

Guarana seeds: This serves as a pain reliever. In addition, it enhances sexual desires while making sure that the blood pressure is stable. 

The Flower of Corn: This has various benefits, ranging from treating infections, reducing inflammation, fighting fever, constipation and most importantly, correcting menstrual disorders. 

The above is the 310 shake reviews & detox tea reviews. The tea is very effective and trustworthy, it helps you to lose weight if you make it a habit to take this tea daily. It quenches unnecessary cravings, thereby reducing your food intake. In addition, the 310 tea promises to detoxify your body, increase you’re the rate of metabolism and in the overall, keep you in a great and healthy condition. 

How to Achieve Effective Weight Loss

Weight loss is a really disturbing issue that fails to work for most people. This explains why different people around the world seek to cut down their weight significantly through any possible means at their disposal. However, most people are misguided and take the wrong pills, thermogenic products in specific. These pills only show some few positive signs of weight
loss for a short time. In the next few weeks, weight gain picks up again. What is truly needed is a long-lasting solution as is provided by Tru weight loss. These routine pills are quite different from the other pills since their effect is long lasting. Tru weight loss seeks to change your lifestyle as well since this is one factor that contributes largely to unwanted weight gain. 

Tru weight loss combo is more effective since it combines TruFix and Tru Weight for better results in terms of cutting down fats and regaining a healthy body figure. Tru weight loss combo focusses on the main agenda in order to enable weight loss in the body. It acts on cholesterol levels in the body, glucose levels as well as liver malfunction. The BMI in human beings may shift to varying levels, which is not healthy. TruFix works towards leveling the BMI levels as well as the blood chemistry.  

With Tru weight loss, management of weight gain is made possible. This explains why Tru weight loss is very unique. Moreover, TruFix makes the contribution of breaking down fats that encourage unregulated weight gain. The continuous use of Tru weight loss combo has always been attributed to significant weight loss. The combo is healthy and hence you can be guaranteed that you will not experience the draining of organ tissues or rather, small, insignificant weight loss. In that case, with the use of Tru weight loss, you will not have to miss the intake of important nutrients in carbohydrates in the name of weight loss. You will definitely need carbohydrates for energy production in your body. 

Tru weight loss combo brings out the best results that are often mistaken for working out. The use of the combo gives you a good body shape by selectively cutting down instinctive fats, leaving behind subcutaneous fats which are more important in the human body. A restrictive
diet will only cause harm since subcutaneous fats can be drained in the process. Therefore, the Tru weight loss combo will help you avoid the consumption of fewer calories in your daily diet by selecting nourishment that will only be useful and friendly to the body. There are a variety of
assortments that one can pick to effectively lose weight. There are different weight loss designs from different groups of people, whether male or female. Though it may be confusing to pick the best design, individuals will not have to worry about the amount. 

All that will be required is the dedication to following the weight loss designs to the latter. The eating regimen pivot begins after a period of seven days. Most importantly, you will not have to
encounter weariness that affects your weight loss program. At some point, you can break the chain and eat what you would love to, just for a day. This should keep you going on with the chosen weight loss design without having to suffer in the process. 

Consistency is encouraged in the road to effective weight loss, especially when under the use of Tru weight loss combo. As a matter of fact, nothing comes easy when the main intention is achieving a better result. For some people, it may take a longer time to see the best response from the body. In this case, the individuals should not stop since Tru weight loss guarantees of effective weight loss after consistent use.  

Dedicating some part of your time to engage in your weight loss objectives is more important. You can take some time off your daily engagements, have a seat and follow up on your daily routine plan for an effective weight loss. With the progression of days, you will realize a significant change that does not revert any time soon. From most of the reviews received from different clients, it is conclusive that Tru weight loss effects on the bosom are minimal since the bosom comprises of subcutaneous fats only. 

For a different weight loss experience, it is recommended to try Tru weigh loss combo. If thermogenic products and other methods fail, TruFix weight loss, Tru Weight and TruControl are the best solutions.

Fast Track Learning with a Speech Therapist Los Angeles Provider

Many children have difficulties in saying some words or sounds. The great news is that children who have difficulties in pronouncing some sounds or comprehending others can approach a special kind of therapist for assistance — speech therapists (equally known as speech-language pathologists). When looking for a speech therapist Los Angeles based provider, Speak Live Play is #1 in California.

In What Areas can Speech Therapists be of Assistance to you?  

Speech therapist Los Angeles based practices assist people from all walks of life with various speech and language problems, they include: 

  • Articulation problems: This occurs when a child has difficulties pronouncing some sounds or pronouncing words properly. “Run” may be pronounced as “won” and “say” may sound like “thay.” Lisps are regarded as articulation problem.
  • Fluency problems: If a child repeats some sounds and has difficulty pronouncing the full word, such a child might have fluency problem. For instance, a child attempting to pronounce “strong” may become stuck on the “st” and say “st-st-st-strong.” Or the child may stretch some sounds and say “ssssssstrong.” Stuttering is a fluency problem.
  • Resonance or sound problem: A child may have a voice problem if others have difficulty in understanding his or her statements. The child may begin a sentence clear but towards the end it becomes incoherent and inaudible. At times, these children sound like they have got flu or as if they’re speaking through their nostrils.
  • Language problems: A child who has difficulty understanding people or has difficulties arranging words to communicate his opinions may have a language problem

Who Actually Needs Speech Therapy? 

Many children will visit  speech therapist Los Angeles based practices, such as Melissa with Speak Live Play. It’s a fantastic way to learn how to speak correctly. Occasionally a child has a disorder which may make speaking harder. Anyone diagnosed with any of the following conditions needs a speech therapist:

  • hearing disorder
  • Weak mouth muscles
  • cleft lip
  • Hoarseness
  • Autism
  • breathing difficulty
  • swallowing difficulty

What is It Like?  

A child attending therapy for the very first time will be required to take a speaking test. Don’t get anxious, it’s different from those school tests that reflect on your report card. This test is intended to help the therapist figure out the exact kinds of speech disorder a child has. The child will be requested to pronounce some words and sounds. These could be recorded and the therapist may note some things down in the course of the test.The test will assist the therapist to determine the needs of the child and reach a decision on the type of treatment required.  

The most effective “treatment” for speech disorders is practice. If a child has difficulty with fluency or articulation, the therapist will spend time teaching him how to produce the correct sounds. The therapist will illustrate the sounds and request the child to replicate them. Which implies imitating the way the therapist moves the mouth, lips, and tongue to produce the correct sound. Mirrors may come in handy here. The therapist may demand the child to pronounce these sounds while observing a mirror. Some therapists utilize games to make this training more pleasant.  

When the therapist is assisting you with a language problem, your classes might seem somewhat like school. The therapist will assist you with grammar — how you can arrange words accurately to form clear statements and expressions. If you have problems comprehending what you hear, play games that deal with those problems, for instance, Simon Says.  

What is the Duration of the Treatment?  

With finding a speech therapist Los Angeles based provider such as Speak Live Play, certain treatments are brief and others require a longer time. It actually depends on the disorder the child is trying to overcome. A child may have to see the therapist just once a week or several times a week. Treatment may last for a couple of weeks, a couple of months, or some years.  

In case you have a speech disorder, the best recommendation is practice, practice and more practice. Find the suitable time to practice the skills the therapist has taught you or your child; you could practice for some in front of a mirror before going to bed. Just like memorizing your multiplication tables or working on your terrible shots, hard work leads to success!

Why is Vitamin A in My Diet Shake?

I have been a fan of diet smoothies for a very long time now, and I have nothing but praise for these products. They have helped me get my weight in check leaving most of my friends wondering what my secret is. However, today I am not here to discuss what the best diet shakes are but rather to discuss why Vitamin A is always present in most of these products. Some of the diet shakes are so good that I decided to research what they contain as their main supplements.

Benefits of Vitamin A in Diet Shakes

Vitamin A is one of the most popular supplements thanks to its benefits. While the main aim of diet shakes is to put your weight and health in check, Vitamin a plays a huge role towards achieving that as explained here:

Vitamin AAids inProviding Immunity

The Vitamin A found in most of the diet shakes helps to provide immunity to the user’s body. Scientists say that most of the genes in the human body responsible for providing immunity largely depend on Vitamin A. if you have not noticed, taking diet shakes regularly makes you healthy and the chances of getting sick are highly unlikely.

Helps Your Vision

The rhodopsin molecule depends on a lot of Vitamin A for its formation and is critical to how the human eye works. Since most of the diet shakes are made using natural ingredients, the Vitamin A available in them is responsible for providing users with proper vision. Research shows that people who use diet shakes regularly have better vision as compared to those who do not. Now you know if you have issues with your eyesight, try diet shakes.


Apart from providing you with immunity, Vitamin A is responsible for taking care of your skin. Continued studies show that the Vitamin A found in diet shakes provides additional support and care to the human skin. For instance, I noticed that when I got wounds on my skin, they heal faster if I take diet shakes than when I do not. I also noticed that the skin re-growth is faster when diet shakes are involved. Also, vitamin A has been proven as one way of fighting possible cases of skin cancer, and that is what diet shakes offer. Cell formation is also reliant on Vitamin A and forming of other soft tissues in the human body.

ProtectsThe Body from Diseases

Until now, there is no doubt in my mind that Vitamin A is one of the most important supplements available in my diet shakes. This is after I discovered that Vitamin A could prevent some types of chronic diseases such as cancer. With its ability to prevent malignant cells from developing, scientists argue that Vitamin A can prevent some types of cancers such as prostate, lung, bladder, ovarian and skin cancers. If I can be able to prevent even a half of these complications just by taking my diet shakes, I can live with that at any time.

Diet Shakes and Vitamin A Concentration

In most of the diet shakes that I have encountered, the supplements come in specific quantities. In that case, it does not mean that taking a lot of diet shakes will prevent you from all the diseases in the world. More of Vitamin A does not mean it’s better. Be strict with the amount in your diet shakes and strive to achieve better every day. While purchasing your favorite diet shake, always ensure that you read its ingredients and if Vitamin A is not one of its supplements, leave that alone and move on to the next.


Due to the greatness that comes with my diet shakes, I decided to research on some of their major supplements and found out that Vitamin A is one of the main ones. After further research, I realized that vitamin A is one of the best because of the benefits that they have to offer. For instance, it is responsible for taking care of my skin, gives me immunity and prevents me against some diseases like some types of cancers. Now I know why Vitamin A is a major supplement in most of my diet shakes.

Taking a Deeper Look at TruVision

TruVision reviews

TruVision Health is a supplement-company that focuses on health & wellness. It was formed in 2014 and it is famous for offering various types of health-supplements. According to TruVision, their supplements are all-natural and are made from plant-based ingredients. Their products are not sold directly to the shops. The company uses people to sell and promote their products.  

TruVision is a company that cares. Many TruVision reviews prove this. When FDA confirmed that an ingredient had some effects on people, they removed the ingredient immediately from the product. The company did not focus on the financial loss.  

Moving on from the company’s structure, let’s get into their products. We believe it is essential to know more about their products and understand whether the company is genuine or not. Here is more about their two main products.

What Products do TruVision Sell?

TruVision is a company that is involved in selling many products. The products are designed to improve cardiovascular health, maintain the health of the joints and get rid of free-radicals. A collection of their supplements is made to develop blood-chemistry (TruFIX), and to improve sleep (TruSLUMBER). You will also get a supplement that helps in weight loss (Tru Weight & Energy) even though it was alleged to have (DMBA), a stimulant drug such as ephedrine. Studies relieved that ephedrine was dangerous, leading to it being banned. But before the drug was banned, most people use it without reporting any side effects.

What does TruFIX Claim?

According to the TruFIX phrase “Tone-up-your-blood-chemistry”, some people wonder what that means. How can a product tone-up blood? Well, TruFIX claims to develop cholesterol, regulate blood sugar level, and keep the liver healthy.

The active ingredients involved are Alpha-lipoic-acid, Chromium, Cinnulin, Raspberry ketones, Copper and Magnesium. Let look deep at TruFIX Ingredients to identify whether it is effective or not.

Tru-Fix Ingredients

* Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) – being an anti-oxidant, it has helpful effects on inflammation. In the year 2018, some studies revealed that HIV-patients used ALA to improve their anti-oxidant stores. Happily, you can get Alpha-Lipoic Acid through a normal diet as it is found in meat, vegetables, and fruits.  

* Cinnulin- Cinnulin is an ingredient that is extracted from Cinnamon. It helps to improve Systolic blood-pressure, glucose level, cholesterol level and also prevent blood-sugar spikes.
* Chromium – Chromium is a vital mineral contained in a number of foods we consume. You can find it in meat, eggs, cheese, herbs, potatoes, oatmeal and broccoli. People lacking chromium should take a supplement.  

* Raspberry Ketones – When raspberry ketones are used in high doses, it can burn fat very fast. But it might not work well on its own. According to the company, it helps to prevent plaque accumulation in the arterial walls.  

* Magnesium – Taking magnesium supplement can help to regulate blood-sugar levels, and also assist in lowering the blood-pressure. But the good news is that taking a diet rich in magnesium is more than enough.  

* Copper – Most of the diets we eat are rich in copper. This means you do not need a copper supplement.

Hence, Tru-Fix claims are true. Therefore, we can say it is a decent product.

What does TruCONTROL claim?

This is a product with combo-pack. Its task is to lower cholesterol, improve liver function, lower the blood-pressure, help in burning fat and increase metabolism. Having 2-supplements in one day offers the results of the ingredients for 24-hours. This is essential for people who want to lose weight.

TruCONTROL Ingredients

* Caffeine – Caffeine enhances performance to improve fat burning, metabolism and enhance your workout results.  

* Green Tea Extract – the ingredient affects non-usual caffeine drinkers. This means it might not work well for other individuals. Cocoa power help to improve the flow of blood and lowers the blood-pressure.  

* Yohimbine – it is an excellent fat-burning supplement. It helps to increase the adrenaline in the body, and help people become active during the day.

Final Word

The above ingredients are found in the combo-pack products discussed. Moreover, the TruVision claims are true. By looking at the ingredients used, and the available TruVision reviews believe that you now have all the information you need to move forward. The ingredients are all natural and beneficial to our bodies. All you need is check out the best product that works well for you.

A Guide to Our New Health Equity Collections Page


People living in the most deprived areas can expect to spend nearly 20 fewer years in good health compared with those in the least deprived areas. This fact is avoidable, unjust and summarises the scale of health inequality in England today.

PHE has produced a number of evidence reviews, tools and guidance to help support national, regional and local areas to reduce health inequalities.

For the first time, all of these resources have been brought together in one location: the Health Equity Collections page. This will make it easier to find data, evidence and tools on health inequalities, and therefore be better equipped to take effective action to reduce it.

What does the page contain?

The Health Equity Collections page contains over 30 resources that have been produced over the last few years. Some key documents included in the Collections page are summarised below.

The chapter on health inequalities within the Health Profile for England identified, amongst other things, a clear North South divide in life expectancy.

It also shows that CVD, cancer, and respiratory diseases were the top 3 factors driving the difference in life expectancy between the most and least deprived communities.

Source: here

Reducing health inequalities in local areas

In September, we published ‘Reducing health inequalities in local areas,’ a guide that sets out actions that local health systems can take to make an impact at a population level. It also shows, in order to achieve reduction in inequalities, a range of different interventions by different sector must be delivered systemically at sufficient scale and with long-term sustainability.

Source: here

Evidence papers

There are a number of evidence papers that provide practical advice for actions to take to reduce inequalities across a number of determinants:

  • Building young people’s resilience in schools and young people
  • Increasing employment opportunities and improving workplace health
  • Fuel poverty and cold related health problems
  • Community based approaches to health
  • Improving access to green spaces
  • Using the Social Value Act

Tools to support outcomes

The collections page also features a number of tools that provide information to support monitoring of local, regional and national outcomes in reducing health inequalities.

Health Profiles are conversation starters, which provide a snapshot overview of health for each local authority and highlight issues that can affect health in each locality.

The Segment Tool provides information on the causes of death that are driving inequalities in life expectancy at local area level. Targeting the causes of death which contribute most to the life expectancy gap is likely to have a significant impact on reducing health inequalities.

You’ll also find our most recent publication, Modern Slavery and Public Health, which uncovered several opportunities for public health to make a difference to the anti-slavery agenda.

The report discusses how leaders in public health are in a position to influence statutory and third sector engagement by talking about modern slavery (for example, housing associations, schools and allied health professionals) and raising public awareness.

We hope you find this library of resources helpful in analysing and reducing heath inequalities either at a national or local level. We will continue to populate it as we develop further insights in this area.

If you have any questions about this page or any of the documents listed here, please contact the Health Equity team at health.equity@phe.gov.uk

The i will campaign – making social action accessible to all young people


Social action, including volunteering, fundraising and campaigning, creates a double benefit for those who take part and the communities they are helping.

Young people have great potential to make a positive impact on their communities by getting involved in social action. They have the ability to make a significant difference to serious issues, from loneliness to bullying to mental health and the stigmas attached to it. Young people tend to have a broad, positive ideology when it comes to making changes and we should do all we can to help them utilise this.

The benefits of social action are reciprocated, as young people’s involvement can help them develop valuable employability skills, boost their access to further education and training, and support enhanced wellbeing.

Currently 4 in 10 young people aged between 10 and 20 in the UK get involved in social action, but almost double this number of people would like to contribute more to their communities, given the chance. However, particularly in less affluent communities, there can be obstacles that restrict their ability to get involved.

The #iwill campaign

The #iwill campaign acts on making the most of the energy, talent and commitment of the millions of young people in the UK, by providing access to meaningful social action opportunities regardless of their background or where they live.

With a strategy based on collaborating with stakeholders from a wide range of sectors, the campaign involves 750 partner organisations that have committed to embedding social action into the lives of young people.

Today, Public Health England is delighted to have become one of these organisations. We launched our pledge this afternoon at the joint NHS70 and #iwill event, which celebrated youth volunteering and social action in health and social care.

I had the pleasure of speaking at the event, where I explained how PHE fully supports and looks forward to contributing to the #iwill campaign’s aim of making involvement in meaningful social action part of life for all 10-20 year olds by 2020. The health and wellbeing of young people is a major priority for PHE and we recognise the instrumental role that social action can play.

Giving young people a voice in campaigns and work that impact them directly is extremely important. As such, we collaborated with young ambassadors to get their feedback, and incorporated their views before we finalised and launched our #iwill pledge.

Alex Craven – #iwill ambassador

PHE’s #iwill pledge

Public Health England recognises the benefits of youth volunteering across the NHS and public health system and the role it can play in improving the health and wellbeing of young people and their communities. Youth social action can contribute to developing employability and should be accessible to all of the UK’s diverse communities.

We will highlight the benefits and champion youth social action across our networks. We are committed to promoting young people’s interests in everything we do.

Engagement, co-production and social action:

  • We will work in co-production with young people to develop and promote our ‘Rise Above’ programme. The programme is co-created with young people and provides information and interactive content to inform healthcare decisions.
  • We will continue to promote our interactive ‘e-Bug’ website. ‘e-Bug’ is a peer-education and teaching resource, created to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance; including infections and prudent antibiotic use.
  • We will continue to engage and co-produce resources and training programmes with young people for public health nurses, including school nurses through our professional leadership role. This will support access to early help, behaviour change and create social action such as family antibiotic guardians, peer support and self-care.
  • We will support the Royal Society for Public Health’s Young Health Champion Programme as an active partner of the programme which gives young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to act as peer mentors.

Giving young people a voice

  • We will work with NHS England and the Department of Health to support the national NHS Youth Forum. The Youth Forum is a group of young people who share their views, ideas and experiences to make positive changes to young people’s health services. We will link this to our national engagement strategy.

Supporting young people to achieve  

  • We will provide opportunities for young people to enter work through schemes such as Movement to Work and apprenticeships.
  • We will run an annual Project SEARCH work experience programme for young adults with learning disabilities and/or autism.
  • We will develop work placements with Ambitious about Autism for young people.
  • We will launch a work experience programme for young ex-offenders.
  • We will encourage other employers to adopt schemes to provide employment opportunities for underserved communities.