Essential Pointers to Hiring a Top-notch Fence Company

There a lot of things to consider when making a purchase of any kind. But one aspect proves crucial and that is your experience. When it comes to fence installations, it’s much more intimate than a mere purchase as you’re placing your own yard in the hands of a stranger who you hope will do it justice. Also, you are investing your hard-earned money and therefore, you ought to get in return the kindness and respect that is rightly owed to you. Therefore, you want to give careful consideration to which fence company you hire.

Important questions you need to ask about your fence company: 

On your quest to find the perfect fence company in Baton Rouge, it is important that you know exactly what you’re getting before settling on a choice. A task which can be achieved by asking a few simple yet vital questions such as:

1. How are the conversations; are they warm and ready to help?

Be it in person or over the phone, a conversation with your fence company can reveal a great deal about the organization and it’s practically the first thing you’ll notice. Do they seem bothered by your questions or are they inviting and attentive to your needs? Well, the answer to that question serves as a roadmap as to how the rest of the process will be. A good fence company, will always strive to provide the best customer support to make the process as simple as can be.

2. Is there an organized schedule estimation?

When will the job likely be completed from start to finish? Any fence installation project encompasses a lot of important aspects but a vital one is the overall cost.  As this helps you budget accordingly and determines whether you approve of the project in the first place. Time is money and therefore, a schedule estimate is an important element of the process as time should be utilized efficiently. In line with question 1, you may also want to note how polite and helpful the person providing your estimate is. In most cases, a fence company will be more than happy to come out to your property and provide you with an estimate.

3. How efficient is the overall sales process?

Time waits for no man, and the same goes for your fence company. With the tight nature of the modern-day schedule, you simply cannot afford to wait too long while the company takes their time installing the brand-new fence you can’t wait to enjoy. No matter how friendly they are, they need to walk the talk and if they don’t, then it’s time to show them the door.

4. How are their financing options?

It’s understandable that you might not have the whole sum for the project at the ready which begs the question: does the fence company have any financing available? A simple estimate can also go a long way in helping you know the best way to proceed with the financing. Here at A-American Fence Company in Baton Rouge, we have a variety of financing options at your disposal so be sure to visit us today!

5. What is the quality of the materials the fence company uses?

A fence should be worth every penny you pay for it; therefore, it should be built for the long haul. Usually, a warranty is a dead giveaway of the quality of the materials. While most fence companies have a one-year plan, a longer warranty reveals that fence company has a lot of confidence in the quality of the materials they use. Moreover, you can rest easy knowing that they got your back if something unforeseen happens with your fence. A-American Fence Company in Walker, LA will never let you down in this regard.

6. Quality vs. Cost

Finding the right balance between the two aspects is important and should influence your choice of fence company. It’s best you pay a bit extra for a good fence company in Walker, LA that not only provides the best quality but also a great experience. Paying less for a cheaper contractor that’ll provide you with substandard materials and a harrowing experience may not benefit you in the long run. Always go for high quality that’ll last longer as opposed to a cheaper alternative where you’ll spend a lot more over time. This might be a hefty bill to foot in a single payment but that’s where financing options come in handy.

At A-American Fence Company in Walker, LA near Baton Rouge, we take into consideration all these questions and much more to provide you with an experience and a fence to last a lifetime. Get in touch with us today and we’ll get you exactly what you’re looking for!

Christmas Decor Ideas: Dress Your Home to Impress

‘Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays. But you may not know where to start. Furthermore, you may not even know which Christmas decorations to use. No problem. We’re giving you five different Christmas decor ideas that you can easily use. After all, decorating your home for the holidays shouldn’t be stressful. Instead, it can be a great way to spend time with the family. Let’s get started!

Makeover Your Home for Christmas with These Holiday Decoration Ideas

Dress Your Home to Impress with These Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Lighted Tree

Decorating your home for the holidays may be overwhelming and leave you feeling frustrated because you may not know where to start. Keep in mind that your goal should be to create warm and inviting spaces for you, your family, and guests. After all, the holidays are a time to celebrate with the ones you love.

With that said, use our Christmas decor ideas and you’ll transform your home into one that shines with peace, joy, and happiness.

Christmas Decor Ideas: Interior Entryway

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Entryway

Give your holiday guests a warm welcome with a festive interior entryway. For instance, a Christmas topiary that sits in a lighted base with lifelike greenery, gold berries, and natural looking pine cones will dress up your doorway. See how the warm glow of the base instantly brightens the entryway? If you have the room, place the topiary on either side of your door. Otherwise, use only one.

Christmas Decor Ideas: Mantel

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Mantel

To create a religious mantel display, use a lighted Silent Night Christmas wreath with a wood sign that spells out a divine message for all to see. It features 50 warm white LEDs, real pine cones, and red berries to give it a realistic look. Next, drape a lighted natural Christmas mantel swag on top, and place flameless candles on candlesticks on each end. Add two golden trumpeting angels to complete this heavenly look.

Another Christmas mantel decorating idea is to use a frosted Christmas wreath on a distressed window frame as the focal point. You can build around it by adding other Christmas decorations like wood candle holders with faux LED candles and wrapped gifts. For the final touch, hang Christmas stockings with a stocking holder. Your family and holiday guests will appreciate the warm and cozy space you’ve created.

Christmas Decor Ideas: Dining Table Centerpiece

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Centerpiece

Add country charm to your holiday celebration with a rustic sled Christmas candle holder with burgundy metal rails. The wooden platform supports three glass mason jars with a battery-operated candle votive inside. The realistic-looking white pine sprigs, red berries, and real pine cones add the ideal accents. As charming Christmas table decorations go, the rustic sled slides into first place.

Here’s another Christmas decor dining table idea: a trio of pine trees that showcase the look of mercury glass. These beauties will make a sparkling addition to your Christmas table as they represent a favorite tradition of the season. They’re lit with 30 LEDs and come in three different sizes. Place these beautiful trees on a table runner, and they’ll light up your holiday table perfectly.

Finally, you can add a touch of whimsy to your dining table with ice skates featuring iced tips, berries, pine cones, and a delightful red cardinal. They’re lit with 10 warm white LEDs and have a timer function for 6 hrs. on/18 hrs. off. Imagine these cool ice skates decorating your Christmas table. Your guests will look forward to sitting down to a feast that’s one of the season’s best.

Christmas Decor Ideas: Table

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Table

Remember to add holiday cheer to your tables. The first look includes snowman and log cabin snow globe Christmas candleholders. But these are no ordinary Christmas snow globes because each one has 3 warm white LEDs. Top them with red flameless candles and place the candleholders on Christmas greenery. These pretty Christmas decorations will add sparkle to your holiday.

Serve your guests in style with the fold-away buffet table. But don’t forget to add some Christmas decorations to it. For instance, you can place lifelike or live sprigs of holiday greenery on it for a festive look. If you have taper candleholders, you may add them as well. Of course, you could place a lighted Christmas centerpiece with flameless candles on it, too. It’s your choice!

What’s more, you can create a sparkly holiday scene with a few Christmas decorations. First, place batting or a lighted snow blanket on your table. Next, add silver ornaments or twinkling spheres and a gift box. Finally, add a lighted twig Christmas tree. for a simple and elegant Christmas display.

Christmas Decor Ideas: Stair Banister/Railing

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Banister

Trim your stair banister/railing with Christmas swag (secure with garland ties) embellished with pretty bows and bright lights. In the corner, you could add an artificial Christmas tree, elves, and gifts for a complete look.

Another Christmas decor idea is to trim your stair banister/railing with Christmas holiday hydrangea collection that’s embellished with ornaments, real pinecones, hydrangeas, berries, and twigs. In addition to the garland, add Santa bags and Christmas gifts. Joyful.

Add Heartwarming Christmas Décor to Your Home

Indoor Christmas Decor Ideas-Stair Railing

Sit back and imagine that you’ve decorated your home for the holidays using our indoor Christmas decor ideas.

Your interior entryway gives everyone who enters your home a warm welcome feeling. A festive centerpiece sits in the middle of your dining table and adds to your joyful holiday celebration. Your fireplace mantel looks merry and bright. And finally, an embellished garland wraps around your stair banister/railing transforming it into a bold statement piece.

Seem impossible? It’s not!

All you have to do is use our Christmas decor ideas. You may even want to mix in some homemade indoor Christmas decorations to create an eclectic holiday look.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas: Display Ornaments

If your home or living space is too small for a Christmas tree, or if you’re just looking to liven up a small area, we have some festive ideas for you. After all, no home is too small to fill up with Christmas cheer. Check out these Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces and get some great tips on how to display ornaments. 

Christmas Decorating Ideas: How to Display Ornaments in a Small Space

Christmas Decorating Ideas-Small Spaces-How To Display Ornaments-Variety

The following Christmas decorating ideas will look fabulous in small spaces. Keep in mind that less is more!

Hang Ornaments on a Spiral Tree

Christmas Decorating Ideas-Small Spaces-How To Display Ornaments-Spiral Tree

If you don’t have enough floor space for a large Christmas tree, a small metal spiral ornament tree with a matching star tree topper is a clever option. You can put it on a table and decorate it with ornaments. For instance, you can hang gold and white ornaments. Or perhaps you prefer jewel tones, red, green, blue, and purple. It’s your Christmas tree, so style it any way you want!

Hang a Hanging Basket with Ornaments and Greenery

Christmas Decorating Ideas-Small Spaces-How To Display Ornaments-Hanging Basket

Another Christmas decorating idea is to use a hanging Christmas basket. You can fill it with micro Christmas lights, greenery, faux berries and twigs, real pine cones, and your favorite ornaments. You could also decorate it with either a solid red bow or a red and gold bow. It will add elegance to your small space.

Hang Garland with Ornaments around a Door or Window

Christmas Decorating Ideas-Small Spaces-How To Display Ornaments-Garland

Decorate your door or window with natural Christmas garland. Before hanging the garland, place it on a flat surface and separate the branch tips. Keep in mind that for maximum fullness, the tips should not touch one another. Use a garland hanger to attach the garland around the door. Once you hang the garland, you can add your own ornaments (use hooks or garland ties) in different colors and sizes to make the garland even fuller.

Decorating Your Small Space for the Holidays

Christmas Decorating Ideas-Small Spaces-How To Display Ornaments-Wreath

Imagine using our Christmas decorating ideas for small spaces. Perhaps you created a modern look with an ornament tree and LED lighted branches. Or maybe you hung garland around your door and window and a contemporary Christmas wreath above a cabinet. Or maybe you kept it super simple by hanging a lighted wall tree and Christmas cards. Whatever the case may be, your small space will be warm and cozy for the holiday season.

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