Healing Power of CBD Capsules 

CBD capsule

Among the many compounds found in the cannabis plant is cannabidiol. It is highly becoming popular because of its promising features. According to researchers’ results, CBD capsules have gained their popularity due to their non-psychoactive property, unlike THC. This outstanding feature is making its preference to THC high. I will be able to describe some of the best CBD capsules in the market today in this content. What is the difference between CBD oil and capsules? The main difference between the two is only the user consumption method. Capsules have highest bio-absorption capability producing quicker results than oil. CBD oil needs to be mixed with beverages in order to reduce a bitter taste while capsules can only be gulped with water. Users need a method that is more convenient to them in any place, accurate use and the most effective. CBD capsules satisfy the user preferences and that is the reason why many have chosen to use the capsules. Below are the five types that could give you the best experience: 



Elixinol is a full-spectrum cannabinoid extract that offers maximum benefits to users. Its process of extraction is done carefully by use of naturally existing CO2 to produce the best quality CBD possible. A mixture of terpenes, essential oils and cannabinoids are used to prepare Elixinol maximizing its health benefits. Though its price is a bit high, it has a high rating of five stars as analyzed from customer ratings from different selling platforms. One of the features contributing to these amazing high ratings is the non-psychoactive effect and good taste. Elixinol capsules are organically produced from a perfect blend of hemp oil and MCT oil. I would advise using their official website to get instructions on how to use them and even where to get them. There might also be discounts and other benefits from their official selling platforms. 

CBD capsules Pure Kana Capsules 


With a very minimum THC content, estimated to be 0.05%, Pure Kana sells a bottle that has 30 CBD capsules which contain 25Mg of CBD each. They are non-GMO and are organically certified. They contain no solvents, chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. This is assured through third-party laboratory testing. Though they are a bit pricey, they are also highly effective, easy and safe to use. Pure Kana Capsules contain the following compounds: Glycerin, Gelatin, Hemp seed oil, Hemp extract, and Purified water 

 Green Roads World Capsules 


This is one of the best companies that sell CBD capsules in two different ways; which are a bottle and bag. The bottle contains fourteen capsules while the bag contains four capsules. Though they are packed differently, the ingredients are the same which are: Vegetable cellulose, CBD hemp oil, and Safflower oil. The purpose of different packing is for affordability. The bag is more affordable than the bottle. This product has slower effects compared to others but they are of the best quality and can be used for a long time. This product is highly potent and made from high quality CBD. 

 CBD Essence Capsules 


They are made from hemp plants organically grown in different farms in the USA following carefully handled agricultural methods to avoid impurities that could lead to poor results. Like most companies, this company also uses CO2 in the extraction of high-quality CBD. In an assurance to provide the best results, it contains full spectrum cannabinoids. According to several reviews in the company selling platform, it offers the best results as commented by users who have used them and get a positive feedback to improve the product. Surely, it is so. 

 CBD FX Capsules 


This is another company that uses extraction of CO2 to get the best quality CBD. They are extracted from hemp plants that are organically grown for industrial purposes. They offer full benefits to users as it contains full spectrum CBD oil. These capsules have an added advantage to the body immune system apart from pain relief and cancer treatment. They offer immediate positive results as they are highly potent. It is a good experience with CBD FX capsules. Thanks to the company. In conclusion, CBD capsules have been positively commented by customers and users in different platforms due to the positive results they offer. They have been proven to relieve pain, stress and body inflammations to extremely none. I advise users, therefore, to visit official sites for those companies and get quality service and attention.

All about Mama June’s Weight Loss Transformation

If you have been keeping up with entertainment news, you might have seen or heard of June Shannon’s, popularly known as Mama June, hot new look. Her weight loss was revealed on TV late last year as she debuted her new look to her fans and the rest of the world. It was reported that she lost an impressive 460 pounds over the course of a few months.  

Anyone who is on a weight loss journey can tell you of how hard it is to lose even a few pounds. Similarly, Mama June’s new look did not come by that easily. She had to go through the challenges involved in trying to lose weight such as having to put in a lot of effort towards working out and changes in diet among others. On top of that, Mama June Shannon had to go through a couple of surgical procedures before she got her new look. To adequately reflect on her journey, let’s go back to 2012 when she made her debut into entertainment.  

Together with her daughter Alana Thompson, Mama June starred in the popular TLC show Toddlers in Tiaras. The enormous TV impact that the duo had resulted in them being offered an opportunity to have their spin-off show known as “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” The spin-off was subsequently on air for four years. 

The end of the show inspired the beginning of Mama June’s journey towards losing weight. She was also fresh out of a relationship with her now ex “Sugar Bear.” This presented her with the perfect opportunity to not only have a new beginning but also make a positive change in her life. Mama June has revealed in her recent interviews that she was able to lose 60 pounds through the help of a celebrity trainer. By the time her spin-off show had come to an end, Mama June had lost a considerable amount of weight and was down from a size 28 to 16.  

Up to that point, Mama June had done everything the natural way and had not turned to any invasive cosmetic surgeries for faster results. She was actually at a good place because everything was working out for her. However, come May 2016 Shannon had no option but to consider some of the weight loss surgical procedures that were available for her. Some of the challenges that she was facing as of that time pushed this decision.  

She resorted to going through a gastric sleeve procedure the same year. Unfortunately for her, this did not provide the permanent solution that she hoped to get. Despite her trainer’s efforts in trying to help her to lose more weight, Mama June would still undergo additional procedures aimed towards achieving weight loss.  

Later that year in August, Mama June was introduced to celebrity doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow known for their show “Botched.” The two were to help her figure out an effective way of getting rid of the excess skin which was a result of the drastic weight loss.  The removal of the extra skin barely marked an end to the procedures that she had to go through in 2016. She also went through a breast lift and a tummy tuck in November of the same year. In December, Mama June would go through other procedures that focused on her neck, chin, and arms.  

All of these procedures cost her a large chunk of money to cover the costs for the procedures she underwent. In an interview, Mama June stated that she alone had to pay for everything, which came to about $50,000. However, she expressed that she does not have any regrets about the money that she had to spend because she feels “very happy” with the results. She subsequently took a break from the public eye until March 2017. She made a TV comeback in her show “Mama June: From Not to Hot.” On the pilot episode, she took viewers through what it took for her to get her new look.  

After getting back on television, Mama June was spotted more often in public. People observed that she looked different than before and that she would mostly be in her workout gear. In addition, she began doing more interviews where she explained her life before and after surgery. In the interviews, she would also explain what kept her focused through her challenging journey.  

Another thing that Mama June wanted to clarify is the fact that although her breakup with Sugar Baer served as motivation for her weight loss, she does not care about what he thinks of her post-weight loss look. She also acknowledged that despite the difficulties involved, she intends to put effort towards maintaining her current weight. Mama June stated that this would be important for her as she does not wish to go under the knife again.

Lovely Light Grey Living Room Ideas

Rooms Edit: Light Grey Living Room Ideas. Go grey gracefully with these lovely Scandinavian style pieces. I’ve picked out a chaise sofa, oak frame chair, fifties shaped footstool, patterned throw, sheepskin rug and more. See my Light Grey Living Ideas to give your space a design nudge in the right direction.

lovely light grey living room ideas mood board

Rooms Edit

Amy Chaise Sofa: Chic and contemporary sofa in light grey upholstery with beech wood legs, £2155.30 sale price from Darlings of Chelsea.

Ruben Oak Frame Chair: Mid-century modern shaped armchair with comfy cushions in House Weave Marble fabric, £335 from Arlo & Jacob.

Wool Mix Footstool: Stockholm style light grey upholstered footstool with fabulous fifties curves, £250 from Habitat (product code: 22762).

Klippan Quilt Wool Throw: Classic patterned grey and white throw created using soft 100% lamb’s wool with fringed ends, £61 from Scandinavian Design Center UK (product code: 25093-01).

Light Grey and Oak Ukan Media Unit: Attractive and practical one drawer, two compartment media unit with black metal hair pin legs, £149 from Made.com UK (product code: AVUUKA001GRY-UK).

Sheepskin and Wool Rug: Eco friendly grey dyed rug which is perfect for warming up your living room floor, £96.99 from Skinnwille at Wayfair (product code: SKWI1037).

Mongolian Fur Cushion: Super soft shaggy cushion with faux suede back, £49 from Barker and Stonehouse (product code: IKAT0002ST42).

Grey and White Basket Trio: Three handy storage woven baskets with carry handles, £59 from Barker and Stonehouse (product code: GEYR0406ST56).

HemingwayDesign Royal Doulton Rose Vase: Single stem porcelain vase with mid-century modern flavour design, £35 from John Lewis (product code: 73584506).

Buy Lovely Light Grey Living Room Ideas Products

You can buy the light grey products mentioned in this feature from the following online retailers.

Darlings of Chelsea Link: Darlings of Chelsea
Arlo & Jacob Link: Arlo & Jacob
Habitat Link: Habitat
Scandinavian Design Center UK Link: Scandinavian Design Center UK
Made.com UK Link: Made.com UK
Wayfair Link: Wayfair
Barker and Stonehouse Link: Barker and Stonehouse
John Lewis Link: John Lewis

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Author: Homegirl London. Thanks: No one assisted with this feature. Prices correct at time of publishing. Product codes noted where provided. Photographs: Darlings of Chelsea, Arlo & Jacob, Habitat, Scandinavian Design Center UK, Made.com UK, Wayfair, Barker and Stonehouse and John Lewis. Disclosure: This feature includes the following affiliate partners – Darlings of Chelsea, Arlo & Jacob, Habitat, Scandinavian Design Center UK, Made.com UK, Wayfair, Barker and Stonehouse and John Lewis (if you click through from my website and purchase items from the affiliates I will earn a small commission).

Lovely Light Grey Living Room Ideas

Wolf Italian Restaurant Stoke Newington

Restaurant Review: Wolf Italian Restaurant. Homeboy and I popped into Wolf on Stoke Newington High Street for brunch last weekend. We enjoyed the food so much that we booked an evening meal there last night. If you’re looking for an Italian Restaurant in Stoke Newingtonbest places to eat in N16 or weekend brunch in Stokie, give Wolf Italian Restaurant a try.

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington spiced beans with baked eggs

“You’ll never be hungry like a wolf when you eat at this adorable restaurant serving authentic Italian food in the heart of Stoke Newington,” Homegirl London

Antony Difrancesco (owner) and Karla Knowles (head chef) create seasonal and regional Italian dishes. If you’re hankering for weekend brunch pop in and get your fill of avocado with poached eggs on sourdough dressed in lemon, chilli and coriander. Satisfy your hunger with a dish of spiced beans and baked eggs with buffalo ricotta. For a sweet treat order the polenta pancakes with mascarpone and jam.

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington avocado and poached eggs

Avocado with Poached Eggs

Book yourself a table if you want to guarantee a seat for the evening. The menu is full of well executed Italian inspired dishes. Antipasti includes fried salted cod with orange and sprout tops with a spicy tomato sauce. The gnocchetti (version of gnocchi) was delicately flavoured with wild mushrooms, butter, parsley and a sprinkling of parmesan. I enjoyed every spoon full of the thick and creamy celeriac soup with a swirl of walnut pesto and grilled focaccia which was perfect for dunking.

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington salt cod

Salted Cod

There were a few pasta dishes including bucatini (similar to spaghetti with a hole running through it) with venison shin and porcini ragu. We tried the tonnarelli (spaghetti) with creamed aubergines, spinach, chilli, basil, pine nuts and pecorino which was delicious.

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington wild mushroom pasta


Other vegetarian mains included the pumpkin parmigiana with celeriac, chard, ricotta and sage. This had a sweet taste and was carefully layered. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and fancy it right now!

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington pumpkin parmigiana

Pumpkin Parmigiana

My friend tucked into a sizeable pork belly complete with crackling and pear chilli chutney. With a chunk of braised savoy cabbage, it was a hearty meal. The other meat dish was braised beef. Alternatively, the braised octopus with crispy chick peas was available for sea food lovers. Braising and cabbage seemed to be a running theme here!

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington chocolate mousse

Chocolate Cremaux

We only ordered one dessert to share because we were completely stuffed. We tried the chocolate cremaux which was a mousse accompanied with crème fraiche … yummy! Otherwise it’s a classic tiramisu, affogato or ice cream. Prices for antipasti are £6-14, pasta is £13.50-15, mains are £15.50-24 and desserts are £5.50-8.

Wolf Italian Restaurant Interiors

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington interiors

Restaurant Interior

The restaurant exterior looks smart and contemporary. Inside you find an inviting and intimate space. The décor has a mid-century modern flavour with comfy wooden Danish armchairs and marble table tops. The floor was covered in grey hexagonal tiles. Screens with bevelled glass section up the room for privacy. The living wall full of plants was a fresh and fun feature. Wolf is a great spot for a cosy supper with your loved one in the evening or brunch hangout with your friends at the weekend.

Wolf Italian Restaurant Information

wolf italian restaurant stoke newington exterior

Restaurant Exterior

To find out more about the restaurant go to the Wolf Website. The address is 110 Stoke Newington High Street, London N16 7NY. The nearest station is Rectory Road Overground. Current opening times listed are Monday to Friday 6-11pm, Saturday 11am-11pm and Sunday 11am-9pm.

Author: Homegirl London. Photographs: Homegirl London, interiors picture from the restaurant. Thanks: Homeboy and Rich for dining out with me.

Wolf Italian Restaurant Stoke Newington

  • Wolf Italian Restaurant Stoke Newington
  • 020 7254 4141
  • Take Reservations: Yes!
  • 110 Stoke Newington High Street, Stoke Newington, N16 7NY, UK